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Improve your FLIR E30/E40/E50 camera

After the upgrade your FLIR thermal imaging camera will get 320*240 resolution and all FLIR E60 firmware menu features.

Your camera will be defined as FLIR E60 model:
– in FLIR Tools (FLIR E60 mark in reports);
– on the camera's information screen and upon the boot up.

With hack you can choose the temperature range you need.

Now the upgrade supports FLIR E30bx / E40bx / E50bx models too!

Upgrade is doing remotely, so you don't need to send your camera to us.

E60 Upgrade Service

$250 Supports FLIR E30 / E40 / E50
& E30bx / E40bx / E50bx

  • New IR-Resolution: 320 * 240 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity 0.05 ° C
  • x4 Digital Zoom
  • Record MPEG4 video with a frame rate of 60 Hz
  • Picture-in-Picture function
  • Fusion Function overlay thermal on the visible image
  • 3 moving points and 3 selected areas
  • DeltaT temperature difference function
  • MeterLink, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for switching with various devices, including iPhone and iPad
  • Ability to generate a PDF report directly in the camera

Upgraded FLIR E30 to E60

Watch what new menu features and new resolution quality you'll get after the upgrade to E60 firmware.

Examples of Thermograms

Examples of FLIR E30 camera's thermograms after hack to E60 modification:



Electrical Board


Intersection Seam and Insulated Apartment


Cold Facility

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Comparison of Thermograms

Thermograms are made from one point with different FLIR cameras:



Original FLIR E4


FLIR E4 / E5 / E6 Upgraded to E8


FLIR E30 / E40 / E50 Upgraded to E60

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about the updated FLIR thermal imaging cameras and the hack in general.


Are there any differences in hardware "from the box"?

There are no functional differences between Flir E4/E5/E6/E8 and E30/E40/E50/E60. All restrictions are imposed by software and can be unlocked.

Will hack void the warranty?

The manufacturer doesn't welcome interference in the internal software of the camera, however, if you need to send camera to service, it is possible to return the original software back.

Is there any risk that the upgrade
will be lost?

There is no risk that the thermal imager will be flashed back by itself. It is physically impossible. The upgrade can be lost only if you update camera to a newer firmware via FLIR Tools.


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